10. Viewport META element

This section is not normative.

This section describes a mapping from the content attribute of the viewport META element, first implemented by Apple in the iPhone Safari browser, to the descriptors of the @viewport rule described in this specification.

In order to match the Safari implementation, the following parsing algorithm and translation rules rely on the UA stylesheet below. See the section on UA stylesheets for an elaborate description.

@viewport {
  width: extend-to-zoom 980px;
  min-zoom: 0.25;
  max-zoom: 5;

Note that these values might not fit well with all UAs. For instance, with a min-zoom of 0.25 you will be able to fit the whole width of the document inside the window for widths up to 1280px on a 320px wide device like the original iPhone, but only 960px if you have a 240px display (all widths being given in CSS pixel units).

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