Angular Module : Error: $injector:nomod Module Unavailable


This error occurs when you declare a dependency on a module that isn't defined anywhere or hasn't been loaded in the current browser context.

When you receive this error, check that the name of the module in question is correct and that the file in which this module is defined has been loaded (either via <script> tag, loader like require.js, or testing harness like karma).

A less common reason for this error is trying to "re-open" a module that has not yet been defined.

To define a new module, call angular.module with a name and an array of dependent modules, like so:

// When defining a module with no module dependencies,
// the array of dependencies should be defined and empty.
var myApp = angular.module('myApp', []);

To retrieve a reference to the same module for further configuration, call angular.module without the array argument.

var myApp = angular.module('myApp');

Calling angular.module without the array of dependencies when the module has not yet been defined causes this error to be thrown. To fix it, define your module with a name and an empty array, as in the first example above.

이렇게 간단한 문제를...........
첫번째 등록하는 모듈에는 dependency가없더라도 [] 만들어줄것

-> dependency는 첫번째 등록한 모듈에만 등록 가능.

모듈 확장할 때는 [] 쓰지 않기.